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Great site!!

The art of Oral Sex

(content may not be work safe)

Highlights of this article:

It's more difficult for a woman to become a good cock-sucker, but the rewards can be worth the effort. There are three basic problems that confront a woman, the first two are, how much of his cock should she take into her mouth, and what does she do with his cum. The answers to the first two are, all of it, and swallow it. The third problem is, how does she get all of that cock in her mouth. The answer to the third is in the following lessons.

This site includes instruction on "How to Eat Pussy" and "How to Suck Cock".

Most women I know who really like sex also like to suck cock. I don't like to suck cock instead of fucking, I like it as a supplement to fucking. Sucking a man's cock makes my cunt ache to have one in it. I love to suck him off and then keep working on his cock until I can get him hard enough to fuck me. Those fucks are some of the best I've ever had, well, maybe tied with having him eat me first.

This site is very good. It was obviously written by someone who enjoys sex for all it's worth.
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