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How to suck a dick, Princess-style

OK, it is about time that we give out lessons. Every man is entitled to an awesome blow job at least once in his life.

I consider myself an expert on the topic, as I have been told I'm good at it. I would list all the lovely things I have heard, but it would take a year (a book is in the works).

So, here are the basics that I have come up with thus far, and feel free to argue any points, or agree:

1. You have to enjoy what you are doing. If you aren't liking it, how can you expect the receiver to enjoy it?

I don't remember when I first started enjoying sucking a dick, but it must've come sometime around the point that I figured out that I was in control.

2. Practice makes perfect. If you have a significant other who is willing to be your guinea pig, and let's face it, most men get hard just hearing the words blow job, ask if he minds if you practice on him. And then, do it.

If you are not fond of the taste of a dick, make sure it is a clean one, first of all. If that still doesn't work, use some food to cover up the taste, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, use your imagination, and cater to your own taste buds.

If you don't have a significant other, lollipops and popsicles are fantastic to practice with. Lick those things up and down, use a twirling motion with your tongue, make love to it with your mouth!

3. When giving a blow job, concentrate on the head of the penis with your mouth, and play with his balls with your hands (watch the nails, ladies). If I'm not mistaken, most of the nerve endings are in the tip of the penis, so even if you can't get control of that gag reflex, you can still give an amazing blow job. Use the aforementioned tongue motions, swirling your tongue rapidly around the head of the penis, he will like that.

And, as Dan Savage has mentioned, holding the shaft of the penis makes it less lengthy, so that you can take in what you can without gagging.

If you have mastered the gag reflex, USE IT! Take that dick as far back as you can, and your guy will be impressed.

The Spit or Swallow Debate

I like to say, It isn't lady-like to spit. But cum also makes my tummy upset, so, guys, don't be offended if your sucker spits. It may not be the taste, he or she may have other reasons.

This is all I can come up with for now. Please feel free to post any questions. :o)
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